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Do not let the GMAT test be a hurdle to your professional career. Our individualized approach and GMAT tutoring can help you achieve your potential. Every student has the ability to succeed, they just need to recognize and strengthen their own capabilities and foundations of knowledge. That’s where we come in. Our private GMAT tutors instill the core principles in mathematics, reasoning, logic and critical analysis which form the blueprint to each student’s unique angle to test taking.

About our Teachers/Trainers

Our primary objective is to match our students with incredibly qualified and Experience GMAT tutors that are committed to helping you raise your score. By focusing tightly on your particular areas of weakness, we can help you overcome score barriers in either section and make significant gains. Our strong focus is helping students at every score level understand the fundamental concepts that are necessary to master the GMAT. “Tricks” and “secrets” only go so far. Students who earn top scores really understand the material — and go on to use the same mathematical and analytic skills in their MBA programs. Our teachers are well qualified and experienced in delivering best tutoring.

Our Strategies

Students who seek an MBA from US Universities must take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). As a supplement to the student’s existing knowledge, our private GMAT tutor will apply her/his proven strategies in GMAT preparation, combining the student’s abilities with the building blocks to learn more and perform better, while using GMAT sample questions as a tool. We specialize in approaching GMAT prep in a unique way which is tailored to your needs. Tutors create individualized study plans which pay close attention to your knowledge in the material and the areas of improvement. During your sessions, you will address the challenges of the exam and learn how to approach every question type.

Practice Tests

We provide lots of GMAT practice tests to every student who joins classes with us. Through repeated practicing of the GMAT sample questions and fortifying your knowledge of the subject material, our tutors will help you master the material and raise your scores.

Our specialties

  • Comprehensive and Intensive classroom training
  • Our trainers are subject matter experts
  • We maintain high quality of Academic delivery
  • The highest quality practice tests in the industry
  • Unparalleled emphasis on logic and meaning
  • Personalised guidance for preparation of SOP, Essays & LOR
  • Intensive focus on Verbal & Quantitative areas including Analytical Writing
  • Our Learning Resources are developed by some of the best publishers in the business in conjunction with our faculty
  • We run Faculty Development Programs to ensure that consistently a high quality of Faculty is made available to the students
  • Live online classes are conducted using the most advanced online learning platform in the industry

Our Classroom coaching for GMAT

We provide individual coaching, classroom coaching and online live tutoring for GMAT in the areas of

  • Verbal Diagnostic Test
  • Critical Reasoning Concepts
  • Integrated Reasoning Section
  • Sentence Correction Concepts
  • Reading Comprehension Concepts
  • Verbal Section (Thorough understanding)
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Section
  • Quantitative Section (Quantitative Techniques)
  • Customizable practices that simulate real test questions

Private Tutoring (Home Tutoring) for GMAT

It is for everyone who can prefer to study at home or at desired location. Whether you need comprehensive preparation or a boost in a few areas we’ll create a personalized plan that fits into your busy schedule. Face-to-face, personalized tutoring at your home or at another convenient location will help suit you. You set the schedule, and we’ll create your preparation plan for you.

Online Tutoring for GMAT

If you have a busy schedule or simply like the personalized attention you get working one-on-one, online private tutoring is right for you. We give one-on-one coaching from our most experienced and sought-after tutors, regardless of your location. For this you need only a computer/laptop and an Internet connection. You will feel a cutting edge virtual classroom experience which extends beyond the classroom, to make your study process even easier and more efficient. Live online classes are conducted using the most advanced online learning platform in the industry.

Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling

Since our programs are completely customized, our students can start any time. We will put together the right program to take you from your start date to the day of your test, making the best use of time available. Additionally, you will have the freedom to schedule tutoring sessions on your schedule (including nights and weekends). For busy professionals with demanding hours and travel, this can be a significant advantage. For optimal results, students should plan to study for the GMAT for 3-5 months. However, we can design shorter or longer-term programs as well.

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